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Vivian Group

Cleaning products...since 1963

Vivian Group has been in the market since 1963 with a wide range of brooms, brushes and plastic household items.

Over time, the company has focused on constantly updating itself with new technologies aimed to optimise production, with more advanced and automatic fiber instolation machines, and faster bicomponent injection machines.

Over the years, Vivian Group has dedicated itself with devotion to its national and international customers, studying new products and designs, always paying special attention to customer’s needs and requests.

The main aim of Vivian group is to expand its business in Italy and in the world with great quality and service.

Microfiber cloths

Toilet Brushes



Various Brushes

Cobweb Removers




Dustpans e Brushes

Window Squeegees


Floor Squeegees

Over 150 products
For all your cleaning needs

• Microfiber cloths in assorted colors and sizes
• Brooms and brushes with innovative silicon technology
• Plastic and wooden brooms for every need
• Triangular, ball, oval cobweb removers, also with connector
• Cotton, microfibre, synthetic and ecological mops and floor washers
• Fixed and folding dustpans, brushes and garbage collectors
• Buckets of any capacity, with and without wringer
• Toilet sets of various sizes
• Laundry brushes, dishwashers, bottle washers and plungers
• Plastic and wooden pegs
• Fixed and extendable standard and microfiber dusters
• Window squeegees and floor squeegees in various sizes
• Iron, plastified and wooden handles. Fixed and extendable

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