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Silicon Art

Additional Info

  • ART. 50
  • PCS/CTN 6
  • BOX 380x350x85 mm

Additional Info

  • ART. 52
  • PCS/CTN 12
  • BOX 610x250x55 mm


Patent pending product by innovative liquid silicone injection technology.

The silicon broom is another unique product by VIVIAN Italy which expands the limits of household cleaning.

• Perfect sweeping: Easier and efficient cleaning.

• Electrostatic sweeping: Catches dust particles, hair and dirt using static electricity.

• Hygienic: Due to silicone low surface energy, dirt accumulated during use can be easily washed off with tap water.

• Strong and durable: The elastic bristles don’t wear out, collapse, deform or warp during use and in storage.

• Durable at high temperatures of up to 520°F/260°C.

• Can he cleaned and revitalized with boiling water or sterilized in an Autolave using steam.

• Silicone belt protection bumper or broom contour prevents harms to furniture.

• Suitable for use in private, household, hospitals, clinics, senior citizen homes, public instructions etc.

• Sweeps fine marvel, granite, parquet, floors and especially CARPETS.

New technology: Liquid silicone injection on rigid metal chassis, strong, one piece product